(LUFTHANSA) Good News For Hon Circle Members, Service Updates + More

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After the announcement of an extension of frequent flyer status for all Miles & More members a few months ago, Lufthansa is now back with a number of additional updates.

Good news for HON Circle members

Back in May, it was already announced that all status customers, including HON Circle members, would have their status extended by one year.

As travel restrictions persist and the forecast for the next few months is still rather bleak, Lufthansa has decided to introduce an extended goodwill gesture for HON Circle members. All HON Circle Members will be credited the number HON miles collected in 2019 again in 2021, so that future requalification should be easier.

Senator members who are already on their way to becoming  HON Circle, i.e. who can already see in their account how many HON miles they need to upgrade status, can also benefit from the same rule. They will also be re-credited with the miles accumulated in 2019.

Fast Lane for COVID-19 tests

A CENTOGENE corona test centre has been available at Frankfurt Airport for a few months now, so that travellers can be tested easily and quickly. The cooperation between Lufthansa and CENTOGENE is now to be intensified, with a designated area offered for Lufthansa passengers.

Business and First Class guests, HON Circle Members and Star Alliance Gold customers can also use their own Fast Lane so that the test is carried out faster. As before, payment for the tests lies with the passenger.

Update on Priority Services

The priority services for elite status customers as well as Business and First Class guests have been severely restricted. In the last two months, select lounges in the Lufthansa network have reopened, but with a reduced offer due to the hygiene regulations. Lufthansa’s goal is to gradually reopen more lounges. The prerequisite for this, however, is that there is a sufficient number of passengers to justify the costs.

In the past few months there has also been a rumour that the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt will close completely. According to Lufthansa, this is off the table for now. The permanent closure of the First Class Terminal was discussed, but it should now be reopened as soon as there is sufficient demand again. The car transfer service for HON and First Class passengers will also be reintroduced as soon as demand and costs allow.

For HON Circle Members and First Class passengers, however, a designated Fast Lane is now available at the security check. Business Class passengers and Star Alliance Gold members can continue to use the usual Fast Lanes.

There is also no question in the long term about lounges being accessible to all premium guests. This will be reintroduced as soon as demand allows. An Austrian Airlines lounge will also be available to passengers in Vienna at the end of September.

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Cover picture: (c) Lufthansa / Georg Schläger

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