Travel From 50+ Countries To Be Exempt From Quarantine In England

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The Government has announced that travellers entering England from the following list of countries will not need to undergo a 14-day quarantine on arrival:

“From 10 July 2020, unless they have visited or stopped in any other country or territory in the preceding 14 days, passengers arriving from the following countries and territories will not be required to self-isolate on arrival into England.

Andorra Germany New Zealand
Antigua and Barbuda Greece Norway
Aruba Greenland Poland
Australia Grenada Réunion
Austria Guadeloupe San Marino
Bahamas Hong Kong Serbia
Barbados Hungary Seychelles
Belgium Iceland South Korea
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba Italy Spain
Croatia Jamaica St Barthélemy
Curaçao Japan St Kitts and Nevis
Cyprus Liechtenstein St Lucia
Czech Republic Lithuania St Pierre and Miquelon
Denmark Luxembourg Switzerland
Dominica Macau Taiwan
Faroe Islands Malta Trinidad and Tobago
Fiji Mauritius Turkey
Finland Monaco Vatican City
France Netherlands Vietnam
French Polynesia New Caledonia

Ireland is already exempt as part of the common travel area, as are the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

In addition, we will be exempting the 14 British Overseas Territories.”

Note that this advice only applies to passengers arriving in England – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own different policies.

Even though quarantine will no longer be required, travellers must still submit the following information:

“Before your arrival in the UK, you must complete a passenger locator form. You must present these details on your arrival in England. This applies to both visitors and UK residents.”

Bottom line

This announcement will be a relief for airlines and travel operators, although due to concerns over Covid-19 infection rates, countries like Sweden and the USA are not included.


  1. Fraser says

    Clear as mud, as usual, from this government. The omission of Scotl;and, Wales and Northern Ireland from this list of exemptions seems to suggest a 14 day quarantine is necessary if arriving from those countries.

    So if you change flights from Edinburgh in London to connect, do you need to quarantine for 14 days both on the way out, and the way home?

    When you leave the airport, who is checking where your home is if you’re travelling by road to Newcastle or Gretna?

    And do we really expect all border staff in all countries abroad to know which UK airports are in England? Even in France they often refer to the UK as “Angleterre” just as we might refer to the Netherlands as “Holland.”

  2. John richardson says

    So Thailand is covid free expect for those returning and I state quarantine, no covid in general population yet Thailand is not on the list, 3200 infections 57 deaths, something not right here

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