My Bargain Hotel Stay in the Hilton Europe/Middle East/Africa Sale!

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In amongst the Advent Calendar excitement, I thought it worth flagging an absolute bargain I managed to secure in the current Hilton Europe/Middle East/Africa Winter Sale.

We are due to stay in Dubai from late December till the New Year – a typically expensive time in what is a very popular “school holidays” option.

It came as a little something of an amazement to me, therefore, when I was able to book these prime December dates at the Conrad Dubai, FOR A FAMILY OF FOUR, for an astonishing £211 per night :

Now there is a small hack to this, bear with me:

When I searched for rooms for for 2 adults and 2 children, as was required, the cheapest option was a fairly staggering £2,305 a night:

However, when I searched for 2 adults and ONE child, I was given the £211 option. As you can see from the booking page above, the £211 option is for TWO DOUBLE BEDS. Given that my two kids are both youngsters, they can easily share a double bed. With that in mind, I was able to secure a room for less than 10% of the price – a lovely option based on i) a discounted rate in the sale and ii) a favourite little “Hilton hack” of mine.

Now, I don’t expect everyone to rush to buy family rooms in Dubai at knock-down prices, but this is a very good example of a really good price in the current Hilton EMEA sale, nicely supplemented by a neat little trick to keep the price right down.


    • Joe Deeney says

      Not normally – assuming they are using the same bed, it would be fine. If Miles wanted a rollaway bed added, there might or might not be a charge depending on the hotel (and the member of staff you happen to be dealing with).

      An interesting question is what the situation re breakfast and lounge access would be for an Honors Diamond member in that situation though – would all 4 people get it or not? If it were 4 adults sharing a room I imagine not, but 2 adults and 2 kids might be ok?

    • Joe Deeney says

      Haha! – the obvious answer would be to simply pick your favourite child and leave the other one at home, surely? 😉

  1. Stefan Bard says

    Good idea however they could (though most likely will not) refuse you to check-in if you arrive with your extra child.

    • Joe Deeney says

      At the very, very worst, they would perhaps insist that there is a small additional fee or make Miles pay for a rollaway bed. I would be absolutely staggered if a large luxury international chain hotel stopped someone checking in because they have 2 small children rather than 1. I suppose there’s a theoretical issue to do with fire safety or insurance or something that smaller hotels might struggle to resolve, but can’t imagine that being an issue at a Conrad.

      If there was an insurance issue, the far more likely solution would be for the hotel to offer a discounted paid upgrade to a 2-bedroom family suite – or a free upgrade for Diamond members. As long as people are friendly and polite, hotel staff at brands like Conrad are normally keen to help if they can, particularly when kids are involved.

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