Find Virgin and BA Reward Space Quickly With New ‘SeatSpy’ Tool!

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Tired of spending hours searching for reward space to spend your airline miles on? We’ve all been there – I sometimes wonder whether airlines deliberately make it difficult to use our hard-earned miles. Fortunately, thanks to a new tool – ‘SeatSpy’ those days might well be over!

SeatSpy works in a very similar way to the (also excellent!) Reward Flight Finder, but crucially, it displays Virgin Atlantic Flying Club reward space as well as British Airways Avios availability.

SeatSpy is currently in Beta and its creator ‘Charlbury’ is actively seeking feedback from points/miles collectors:

“I have come up with a way of monitoring Virgin Atlantic reward seat availability and I can send people alert emails or text messages when new rewards are made available for their desired flights. This should save them from having to constantly check in for new availability. It also shows all reward seat availability for a year on one page making it easier to plan.

It’s in Beta at the moment and completely free, and I wanted to reach out to frequent flyers to get some live people to review its operation and if it was useful.” 

You can let Charlbury know your thoughts about SeatSpy on the InsideFlyer UK forum here.

I haven’t had time to give it a thorough testing yet, but I’m impressed with what I’ve seen so far.

Bottom line

I (briefly) asked about the possibility of adding more airline programmes to SeatSpy and it seems like that could be an option, so feel free to share which programmes you would find most useful and to request any other features you would like to see added.

Anyway – go and have a look at SeatSpy here and share your thoughts/criticisms/ideas here.


  1. Yomi says

    I created an account as a new user but I am unable to log in to the website. Looks promising but unable to test at the moment. Thanks.

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