Curve Launches ‘Game-Changing’ New Reward Programme – Get 1% EXTRA Back At Tesco, Amazon, Uber, Etc

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Curve, the “all your cards in one” card, has just announced a potentially game-changing new rewards programme, which offers 1% back on all spend at a variety of top retailers.

“With the new Curve Cash programme, customers get an additional 1% instant cashback on top of their existing rewards cards, earning customers double rewards on their purchases. Unlike traditional loyalty schemes, Curve Cash gives users the freedom to spend instantly wherever Mastercard is accepted”.

Diego Rivas, Product Lead at Curve, had this to say about the new initiative:

“Curve cash introduces a whole new experience around Curve, rewarding our customers with instant 1% Curve Cash that they can use anywhere Mastercard is accepted. The launch of Curve Cash is just one example of the many ways Curve simplifies people’s finances, constantly delighting them by combining all their debit and credit cards into one, and rewarding them with cash they can spend instantly.”

How does Curve Cash work?

“Curve Cash works by adding funds to a separate Curve Cash card in the in-app Curve wallet, which can be used for purchases using the Curve card. Customers will receive 1%. Curve Cash instantly on purchases made using the Curve card at over 60 high-street top brands including Amazon, Apple, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, TFL, Uber, Gett, Spotify, Netflix and many more.”

Other shopping options include Tesco, John Lewis, Argos, and Asda – amongst many others. You can check out the full list here. Travel-related options include Marriott, EasyJet and

The offering is available across all Curve products; Curve Metal customers will earn 1% instant cashback on purchases at six retailers at a time, and can receive Curve Cash for an unlimited period; Curve Black customers will be able to choose three retailers at a time, and can also receive Curve Cash for an unlimited period; Curve Blue customers will be able to choose three retailers at a time, however the offering for Curve Blue users is introductory for 90 days.

Bottom line

This is an incredibly generous and bold move by Curve – and a potentially lucrative one for cardholders!

If you’re a regular shopper at one of the listed supermarkets; and/or buy from Amazon regularly; and/or use TFL or Uber  to commute, it’s very easy to see how getting 1% back on all that spend could soon add up!

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And yes – that even applies to the FREE Blue Card!


  1. NB says

    I already get 1% back on Amex but I don’t have to put down money up-front, and I receive full credit card protections. This seems to be worse.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Hi NB,

      This is on top of credit card rewards. Amex don’t work with Curve at the moment, but if you’ve got a Hilton/IHG/Virgin/cashback card/etc it’s great!

      Purchase protection is a fair point though Curve do state that, “Curve’s decision to introduce Curve Cash follows the launch of Curve Customer Protection in February 2019, offering faster purchase protection on eligible purchases of up to £100,000 made with any Curve card.”

  2. A K says

    Hasnt this been around a long time?

    Im sure the card had the 1% cashback for 90 days on the free card since last year at least?

  3. Roos says

    This is fine if you use your card in these places already but there are better ways to get more discount on some of those retailers through discount gift card schemes such as 2-4% at Tesco vs Curve’s 1%, however being able to use with a Cashback website makes it useful for some like Mcdonalds, Just Eat, Aldi, Lidl, TFL where you can’t buy discounted gift cards

    • Roos says

      Meant useful combing cash back website with Just Eat for example where you would get Curve cashback as well.

      Not on cashback sites Mcdonalds, Aldi, Lidl, TFL where you can’t buy discounted gift cards are also some good ones to consider

    • IF Reader says

      Hi Roos, can you say a few more words about where and how to buy discounted gift card please? That sounds really good but I’m not aware of such schemes since Zeek has gone bust…

      • Roos says

        Employee discount schemes, if your employer has one you can get discounts, its free to sign up as well like perkbox

  4. Richard G says

    I assume using your Tesco card through Curve would not result in the usual 1 point for every £4 spent… but instead the usual 1 point for every £8?

    (and yes, I appreciate its comically low either way)

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