UK-America BA FIRST CLASS From £1647 Return!

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BA is currently offering some truly superb First Class fares between the UK and America – starting at just £1646.45 return from Inverness to New York.

West Coast destinations are available too for not much more, such as Inverness to San Francisco for £1,840.

If you don’t fancy the jaunt up to Inverness, London-San Francisco direct can be booked for ~£2.006 return and destinations like Nashville, New York and Chicago for as little as £1,783.

Similar deals are also available originating in Manchester etc.

German blog YHBU has highlighted some more options here. You can also use BA’s own Low Fare Finder to quickly see the best fares direct from London – just remember to search for First Class.

It looks like the sale should be on until the end of January, though obviously the cheapest fares might get snapped up. In terms of travel dates, March, April, July and August look like the best bets for most destinations.

Bottom line

BA First Class might not be one of the very best products in the world, but it’s still an extremely comfortable way to fly, the cabins are stylish and the champagne is excellent. With the possible exceptions of Air France, Lufthansa and Swiss First Class, I can’t really think of many better ways to fly across the Atlantic – and you can’t beat the convenience of direct flights from London.

With fares cheaper than Business Class often is, this is an excellent deal for First Class.

Anyone tempted?


  1. FlyUpTop says

    Great price for cash fares in F, however it got me thinking about Avios value in this instance…

    £3300 cash x 2 RTN, positioning flights to INV, £150 roughly so rouhhly 3.5k expenditure.

    136k avios + 241 + roughly 1k taxes for wide open avios redemptions and from LON.

    So cash value in this instance for a 241 voucher + 136k avios = £2500. Surely this makes the avios great value!

    Must be annoying to fly up to INV to then have to fly back to start your real journey..😂

    • Joe Deeney says

      Yep – Avios value per point still usually works out very well, if you have a 241 and would genuinely pay cash (sale price at least) for Biz/First.

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