Get ~18% Back on Bookings this Week!

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By stacking a couple of Quidco cashback offers you can get up to 18% back on Hotels(DotCom) bookings this week!

First things first, if you don’t have a Quidco account, sign up for free here and you’ll earn an additional £10, on top of the 18% cashback detailed below.

Next, opt in here for a bonus offering £10 when spending £200+ with Hotels(DotCom) before the end of Friday 25th January.

“When it comes to booking the perfect hotel, apartment, guest house or treehouse, have got you covered.

Unlock a £10 bonus when you spend £200 or more at

Simply activate our offer below and book before midnight Friday 25 January. That’s a £10 bonus on top of any cashback you earn with your booking.

Don’t miss out! Right now, is offering up to 50% off in the Epic Red sale.

The bonus will be paid into your account within 14 days of an eligible transaction reaching ‘confirmed status’, this will happen after you’ve completed your trip.


Note that the terms state, “this bonus is available to new customers of only”, but given that there’s no mention at all of that restriction on the main page (not many people will read the terms) I’m not sure if it will actually be enforced. To be safe, I would suggest signing up with a new email address just in case.

As you can see below, you can either earn 9% normal cashback, or 3% + the ability to collect Hotel(DotCom) Reward Nights. I would personally opt to collect Reward Nights as they are, more or less, equivalent to getting a free night after every 10 nights. That means, including the 3% cashback, you would be getting about 13% back; plus the £10 for spending £200 (which is 5% if you spent exactly £200), so ~18% in total!

There is an outside chance that the 10% cashback for “all new customer purchases” shown above actually means what it says, and new customers can earn Reward Nights at the same time as getting the 10% cashback, but the general terms would seem to rule that out. If it did work out though, you’d actually be looking at an effective rebate of about 25% in total, if you spent exactly £200.

If you were new to Quidco and got the £10 sign up bonus on top, your rebate would be more like 30%!

Bottom line

Hotels(DotCom) can be an attractive option if you don’t like being tied to one chain. Being able to stack the £10 bonus with normal cashback and Reward Nights is an excellent deal, though I do wish the precise terms for each element were a bit clearer.

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