Review: AIRMATE Mobile is Your New Travel Gadget Friend

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We have tested a new travel gadget from the company Simplifiers. They have developed a very clever smartphone holder that works on airplanes, so you can watch your favourite shows when travelling.

On more and more aircraft we see that fast WiFi is introduced. Both on short and long-haul flights. Therefore, it is also more and more common to stream movies and TV series on your smart phone.

You may have tried different smartphone holders before without finding one that is perfect. The AIRMATE Mobile is clever as it brings the smart phone up from the table in front of you and in clear line of sight. This makes it more comfortable to watch content on your smart phone and keep the table free.

Using an AIRMATE Mobile, look straight on your smartphone and keep your desk free. Photo: Henrik Olsen

AIRMATE Mobile is developed by the company Simplifiers and they describe the product as follows:

AIRMATE Mobile is the first smartphone holder that given its unique functionality can be placed directly onto the lock of the flight seat table in front of you. The holder is designed for flexible use on all flat surfaces – at home or away and can be adjusted in several different angles.

Design & Usage

AIRMATE Mobile uses a simple design that makes it easy to use on airplanes. It is designed to fit to the table lock in front of you and it is tested positively to work on several airlines. That said, as it uses the table lock, there are some seats that it cannot be used on, such as front row seats and some emergency seats.

How AIRMATE Mobile is stuck on the lock to the table in the chair in front of you. Photo: Henrik Olsen

You can see in the following video how easy the AIRMATE Mobile is to mount to the table lock:

It is possible to adjust the angle slightly, so you can optimize the experience in case of sun.

You can also use it as a normal smart phone holder on a table in a lounge, train, car etc, of course.


The product is made of two pieces of plastic and a rubber band. So, it is a simple product, but it also makes it a bit difficult to evaluate the quality over longer time. How long will the rubber band hold and will the plastic break over time? During the 4 weeks we have tried it so far there are no sign of any issues. Also, in the package there are two extra rubber bands included. We do therefore estimate that this will last for quite some time.

AIRMATE Mobile with an iPhone Plus connected to SAS WiFi and ready for Netflix streaming. Photo: Henrik Olsen

Value for Money

AIRMATE Mobile retail at 17.00 Euros but right now Simplifiers have given InsideFlyer readers at discount of 6.80 euros or 40%, which bring the total price of the product down to 10.20 Euros (~£9). To get the discount, all you have to do is enter the code Insideflyer4 in the “got a coupon code” box when making your purchase.

The price is a bit higher than some other smart phone holders, but as it solves a problem by bringing the smart phone up into clear line of sight, we think its’s good value.

You can buy and read more about the AIRMATE Mobile at this link.


Good Points

Well designed
+ Easy to travel with
+ Easy to use
+ Better comfort when viewing movies and TV

Bad Points

- Max size is a large smart phone (works with the new iPhone and Android phones)
- When used on the table is slides easy
- A bit more expensive than other smart phone holder options




Value for Money

Overall Rating


The AIRMATE Mobile has now found its place in our travel bag for 4 weeks. We have used it several times on different airlines and have been impressed.

With many flights each year in Europe and long-hauls too, we have found a product that makes watching movies and TV much better. We can recommend buying a AIRMATE Mobile.


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