Are You Interested in Fast Track Security at Heathrow Airport?

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It’s now possible to purchase Fast Track Security at Heathrow Airport, but I was wondering whether many people will actually be tempted to do so…

Buy Fast Track Security at Heathrow

Fast Track can be booked online here for the princely sum of £12.50 per person. Note that you must book at least a day before you’re travelling and that all 4 Terminals are participating.

Is it worth it?

Valuing anything is always highly subjective, but personally I’m struggling to think of a circumstance where I’d be a buyer – certainly not in advance for £12.50 anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, Fast Track can be hugely useful at some airports, but I can’t remember having many significant wait times at security at Heathrow – and given the number of elite status holders and premium cabin passengers (who are also entitled to Fast Track) flying from Heathrow, there are times when ‘Fast Track’ might even be slower than the normal queues!

If you could buy at the airport after you’ve taken a look at how long the queues are, then that might be a different matter, but booking in advance doesn’t tempt me at all.

£12.50 is also very expensive compared to other airports (Manchester and Gatwick can be booked for £5).

Bottom line

I can certainly understand why Heathrow Airport would like to sell Fast Track to passengers, but I’m struggling to see who the buyers would be.

Any thoughts on who they are appealing to here? – any readers interested in taking advantage themselves?


  1. Sharat says

    Hi Joe,
    The usual fast track security is always busy at Heathrow- so I wouldn’t recommend that anyone buys it. However the fast track at T5 First Class checkin is a breeze- and will be worth it as it usually takes only 2-3 minutes!

    • Conrad Gauthier says

      The actual first class security in the first class wing would only be eligible for BA first class passengers and passengers would have to use the normal Fast Track that is available for Silver, BA Business class and Iberia Business Class.

  2. Andrew H says

    I’d like to see an detailed article about Global Entry sometime. Is it really quicker to get through immigration that way in every case? Or are some US airports that offer the service, not very good at it?

  3. SlapHead Brian says

    This would be a COMICAL waste of £12.50.

    I’ve used Heathrow “fast-track” on various occasions, and I’m genuinely not sure if it ever saves you much time at all. There’s obviously far fewer scanners for supposedly far fewer people. You will also invariably get delayed behind some (or a series of) pampered idiot(s) with a Louis Vuitton bag claiming they had no idea that liquids needed to be packed separately.

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