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Discount hotel booking site Club 1 Hotels recently added another 50,000 hotels to its booking engine, meaning there are lots more options to choose from all over the world. To celebrate, Club 1 is offering a 5% discount on all hotel bookings when you use the following discount code: IF10. This code is available until 31st August 2018, so be quick.

If you’re not a member yet, you can sign up for free here.

Club 1 Hotels

Club 1 Hotels has developed considerably in the last year. For example, over 200,000 new hotels have been added, the site has undergone a major upgrade and there’s now an app too.

It is also possible to book flights with Etihad, United, Virgin Atlantic and Jet Airlines; as well as cruises with Costa, Carnival and Holland America Line.

Is it really cheaper? – How to save big.

Not always, but quite often. Last time I wrote about Club 1 Hotels, I used the example of a 3-night stay at the 5* Rosewood Carlyle Hotel in New York:

  • Club 1 Hotels total (inc taxes and fees): $1,070.48
  • Direct with Rosewood (inc taxes and fees): $1,721 – though the rate did include breakfast
  • $1,903.88

Now, clearly Club 1 isn’t always going to manage to save you that sort of money, and sometimes it may not be cheaper at all. Think of it as an additional tool for saving money on your travels rather than the only site you need to check. Also, bear in mind that you are very unlikely to receive status benefits or earn loyalty points / status credits when booking through Club 1 Hotels.

Guaranteed Savings?

Club 1 offers an interesting looking best rate guarantee. I’ve still not had the chance to try it out myself yet, but this is what they say:

“We guarantee our members the best rates every time! While we work hard to ensure we provide the best rates, there will be instances when better rates are offered elsewhere. If you do find a better rate for the same hotel, room type and rate type (refundable or non-refundable), we want to beat that rate by:
$10 per night guaranteed savings at 3-star hotels up to $40
$20 per night guaranteed savings at 4-star hotels up to $50
$25 per night guaranteed savings at 5-star hotels up to $100
Simply email the link to [email protected] and we will confirm your booking the same day! 
*Reservations within 7 days of arrival are excluded from our Best Rate Guarantee Policy. Best Rate Guarantee cannot be used with any other promotional offer including booking credits and discounted gift cards. “

On the face of it, that seems like a good offer – but the devil is always in the detail when it comes to best rate guarantees.

Bottom line

Club 1 Hotels won’t always show the cheapest rate but sometimes you really can save a substantial amount, so it’s definitely worth a look. The best rate guarantee is certainly interesting too, and if it works as advertised (ie. hassle free!) then Club 1 would be even more compelling.

Regardless, signing up is free and only takes 60 seconds, so there’s no harm in taking a minute to add another string to your ‘travel hacking’ bow.


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