Exclusive 10% Off Revolut Premium – Unlimited Free Currency Exchange and More

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Last month we wrote about how you can get a free Revolut card in order to spend money abroad with no fees. It’s worth mentioning that a few readers did report some issues, but our own experience (and that of other readers, as well as friends and family) has been good so far, so when Revolut offered an exclusive 10% discount on its ‘Revolut Premium’ service, we decided we were happy to share it.

(If any InsideFlyer readers do encounter any issues with Revolut, let us know in the comments and we’ll make sure the case ends up on the desk of someone senior over there.) 

What is Revolut Premium?

In Revolut’s own words:

“When you go Premium you’ll unlock a whole host of exciting features we think you’re going to love
Think unlimited free FX to beat those unwanted fees, exclusive card designs, instant access to buy
and sell cryptocurrencies and so much more!”

So what do you actually get?

● Unlimited free currency exchange at the real interbank exchange rate
● Free overseas medical insurance – including delayed flight and delayed baggage insurance
● £400 monthly free multi-currency ATM withdrawals
● Instantly buy, hold and exchange Cryptocurrencies with no hidden fees
● Free International turbo transfers in 26 currencies
● Disposable virtual cards – to prevent online fraud
● Free spare Premium cards – complete with Global express delivery!
● A free GBP & EUR account in just 3 minutes
● And much more! With new benefits being added all the time…

The deal

Sign-up to Revolut’s Annual Premium membership plan and you’ll receive an exclusive 10%
cashback on your subscription.

Signing up couldn’t be easier – just click here and enter your mobile number, download the Revolut App tap
on ‘More’ in the bottom right hand corner and then tap on ‘Premium’.

From there, select to sign up for an Annual Revolut Premium subscription and after 14 days, you’ll automatically receive an exclusive 10 % cashback payment directly into your Revolut Premium account.

Note that the 10% cashback only applies when paying for an annual subscription – not monthly. The good news is that when you pay for a year, you can currently save 14% compared to paying monthly AND get the 10% cashback on top.

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  1. ICHIGE says

    The crypto currency buying service isn’t quite what it’s advertised to be … buyer beware. Turns out it’s a 12 month subscription which requires a fairly painful exit.

  2. Peter SMART says

    My experience with Resolut isn’t encouraging. I responded to the previous ‘offer’ by making the link between Inside Flyer and Revolut to subscribe. First, the ‘free’ subscription didn’t materialise. Revolut charged the standard GBP4.99 for post and packing against my initial GBP10.00 deposit. Nor did the ‘express delivery’: it took over a week for the card to be delivered.

    Second, when I tried to reach Revolut on their ‘contact us’ I was faced with an algorithm which only understood short sentences and key words, and so couldn’t get my complaints answered. I then wrote to Revolut at the postal address on their website, to have the letter returned 20 days later marked ‘no longer at this address’. No forwarding service? Clearly not.

    Third, there have been plenty of adverse comments in the financial press about Revolut since early August, particularly the fact that they are not a UK registered banking company and therefore any money deposited with them would not, it seems, be protected in the event of a collapse; that some subscribers have been unable to access their funds; and that the due diligence checks on customers are certainly less rigorous than UK/EU banks are required to conduct.

    All in all, I’m not sure I want to do business with them. I’d just like my GBP4.99 back, so that I can withdraw my GBP10.00 initial deposit.

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