TopCashback bonuses – what exactly is on offer?

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We recently flagged some incredibly lucrative TopCashback offers for both existing and new members. The new member bonuses included an £18 sign-up bonus, while the existing member bonus offered an additional £3 cashback on 5 transactions.

All very good so far.

The problem? Demand for the existing member bonus went a little bit crazy, leading to the offer being ended fairly quickly (it will be honoured for anyone who signed up to it, you just can’t sign up any longer).

(I’ve not included links to any of the old promos as it will just confuse. All the links you need are below.)

Given that we’d promoted the offer, we’ve understandably had a fair few questions querying what’s  exactly available. This post is intended to make it as clear as possible, and basically supersedes all other “TopCashback bonus” posts you’ve read on the site.

Cut the waffle. What’s available?

The currently available TopCashback bonus is a NEW MEMBER bonus only.

Sign up via this link before 5 November 2017, and you’ll get a £15 sign up bonus when you spend £10 at any retailer.

If you’re reading this after 5 November 2017, sign up via this link and you’ll get a £10 sign up bonus when you spend £10 at any retailer.

Both of the above compare very favourably to the standard TopCashback bonus (via the Refer A Friend option), which is currently a £5 Amazon voucher when you earn £10 in cashback. Clearly, the £15/10 bonuses are therefore the better option.

Will existing member bonuses return?

Almost certainly. We are in regular contact with TopCashback over them.

Clearly, the lesson from this offer is you need to move quickly if you see them. Keep an eye on this site, and sign up as soon as we flag the bonuses, as they are incredibly popular and so likely to be short-lived.

All clear?

If it’s not, just comment below and I’ll happily respond.

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