Qatar Airways Qsuite Review – London to Doha (With Video)

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Our good friend Henrik over at InsideFlyer Denmark recently had the opportunity to fly Qatar Airways Business Class from London to Doha and was able to check out the awesome new Qsuites first-hand. Here is his Qatar Airways Qsuite Review:

Qatar Airways flies from London Heathrow Terminal 4 and has it’s own area with check-in, lounge and boarding gates.

On a normal day Qatar Airways has 5 daily departures between London and Doha (some days 6 departures). Currently there is only one aircraft that has got the brand new Qsuites cabin installed. It is a Boeing 777-300ER (flight number: QR008 / QR009), so if you want to try the Qsuite, make sure you pick the right flight!

I had stayed at the Hilton hotel, which is connected directly to Terminal 4 and could therefore head quickly from the hotel to Qatar Airways check in area. It is a reasonably large area at one end of the terminal, due to the many daily departures to Doha.

I was there in good time, as I was keen to take a look at the lounge before departure. Qatar Airways usually has quite good lounges, so I was looking forward to seeing what its London lounge is like.

Qatar Airways Lounge Heathrow Terminal 4

The lounge is not large but copes very well with the number of passengers traveling on each departure.

The service was amazing. As I entered the entrance, I received a brief tour of the lounge as it was my first visit. I then went into the dining area, where I was welcomed and given a menu. It is possible to eat from a buffet or order a la carte from the menu.

I chose to get a few dishes from the menu and was not disappointed – though the buffet (below) looked pretty good too!

Boarding and first impressions of the Qsuite cabin

I was excited to see the new Qsuite cabin and had headed to the boarding gate early. I was first on the plane and could therefore spend a few minutes taking pictures before the other Business Class passengers boarded.

What met me was a crew ready to help, I showed my boarding card and was quickly shown my ‘suite’. As my suite was by the window (I had chosen a Qsuite where I was closest to the window), it also meant that I would sit facing the back of the plane.

The Qsuite itself is close to the First Class Suites we know today at, for example, Emirates or Singapore Airlines – which really is remarkable for a Business Class product.

Something that draws a little down in the overall impression is that, due to the luggage racks in the middle of the plane, the ceilings aren’t high. This makes the cabin feel a little smaller than it is. It is only on the Boeing 777 aircraft we will experience this as there are no luggage racks in the middle of the plane on the Airbus A350 aircraft. I therefore expect Qsuites on the A350 to be even better!

Qsuite in detail

When you’re in the seat of your Qsuite, you’re sure it’s something special. You have plenty of space in the seat and around you there is plenty of outlet space.

Especially on the large table there is room for your phone, laptop, etc – and the champagne served right from boarding!

You have plenty of room for a glass of champagne, a hot towel and the menu on the table. In many other Business Class seats, the space can be a shortcoming.

The control of your Qsuite takes place through a number of buttons. These are located below the disposal table located on the left.

In the same place you will find the smart phone like remote control of the Oryx entertainment system, as well as audio and charge connectors.

Qsuite video review

I conducted a video review of the Qsuites, which will hopefully give you get a better sense of how the cabin really is, which you can watch here:

High quality food and drink

Qatar Airways has always had a high quality of what they serve on board and this trip was no exception.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can see the entire A la Carte menu here:

You can also see the wine menu here:

As I was travelling alone, I didn’t get to take advantage of the Qsuite cabin’s most unique features – the ‘quad’:

or the ‘double’

I can easily imagine how it would work though and both options would be fantastic when travelling with others!


Good Points

+ Qsuite is the best Business Class product on the market, in my view.
+ You are completely private in your Qsuite
+ Great service and a la carte on food and drink on the whole flight

Bad Points

- Qsuite is not perfect on a Boeing 777, as it may feel a bit stuffy due to the height of the cabin. For example, on an Airbus A350, it will be much better as there is higher ceilings in the middle (no storage present).


Food and Drinks



Overall Rating


With the possible exception of Etihad on the A380, the Qatar Airways Qsuite is the best Business Class product on the market at the moment. It's far ahead of most of the competition when it comes to privacy, space and comfort.



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