Transatlantic Flights for £70! (West Coast From £78) – Amazing Wowair Deals

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Extremely cheap Wowair deals crop up pretty regularly, but the fares really are staggeringly good.

This time it’s the one-ways from the US back to Europe that are the star attractions:

Note that the Wowair site tries to make you book an Return when you click on the deals, but if you search yourself for a one-way on the same date, it comes up without a problem.

But, I don’t live in America…

Neither do I (or indeed anyone here at InsideFlyer UK) – but that’s not a problem!

The best Wowair fares are from the US to Europe, but there are still decent options in the other direction, like Bristol to San Francisco from £149.99:

Put that together with one of the cheap flights from the US, and you’re looking at Return flights to West Coast USA for ~£230, which is excellent value.

Make sure you book your flights as 2 one-ways though, with the flight from the UK on the UK site here, and the flight from the USA on the US site here, as it works out much cheaper.

For example, the flight from Chicago to Edinburgh in the example above that is pricing as $89.99 on the US site, is over £300 on the UK site!

If you can’t find decent Wowair fares in both directions , you might want to consider flying with other budget options like Norwegian, or simply use Avios / Miles one-way instead.

I quite like the idea of ultra-budget one way and First Class the other…

Something to watch out for…

Wowair is an ultra-low-cost-carrier. The cheap fares are real, but you have to be very careful if you want to avoid paying considerably more than the cost of your ticket for extras like baggage etc. Wowair is even stricter than most low-cost-carriers when it comes to what you can bring onboard without paying extra. The current rules state:

“Included in the WOW airfare is one small personal item up to a maximum of 42x32x25cm/ 17x13x10in (10kg/22 lbs), such as a small bag/backpack, laptop or a camera bag. The item must fit under the seat in front of you…

WOW air guests can purchase allowance for one carry-on bag, up to a maximum of 56x45x25cm/ 22x18x10in, including handles and wheels and no more than 12 kg/26 lbs. According to standard price list.”

In other words, don’t bank on being able to take your normal carry-on without paying more – £37.99 each way, if you select the option when booking and more if you opt for it later. You can also check your bags in of course, for the princely sum of £52.99 each way per bag.

Bottom line

Wowair offers superb fares, but always remember to price up a trip realistically – don’t just look at the headline price. If you need to take a carry-on and a suitcase, you can probably find cheaper (direct!) flights elsewhere. If you’re happy to travel (very) light though and fancy a cheap trip, go for it!

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