Save BIG Money and Earn Bonus Avios with British Airways Holidays

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The idea behind British Airways Holidays is very simple – book your hotel or car hire at the same time as your flights and it will cost less than booking everything separately – in fact, BA guarantees it:

I’m not sure how much that guarantee is really worth to be honest, but the fact is that booking your trip as a package through British Airways Holidays does seem to usually work out cheaper.

Indeed, adding a hotel or car hire to your booking can sometimes actually end up cheaper than the cost of just the flights alone (!) – strange as that may sound. It’s therefore always worth a quick experiment, adding a 1 night hotel stay or 1 day car hire to your trip to see what it does to the price, particularly if you are travelling in Business (Club) or First Class.

There are a few other good reasons to consider booking as a British Airways Holiday rather than just flights too:

1) You get more cashback:

2) There are frequent additional discounts, including the following if you book by 9th May 2017:

  • Save £25 off all road-trips over £750
  • Save £50 off all holidays over £1250
  • Save £100 off all holidays over £2500 per booking

3) You earn bonus Avios:2 bonus Avios for every £1 you spend on holidays. That’s on top of the Avios you’ll collect for the flight”.

4) You can pay in installments: “pay as little as £150 per booking for holidays up to £999, and £300 per booking for holidays above £1000. Then pay the balance in as many instalments as you want – you can decide when you make the payments and how much they are. The only thing we ask is that you pay the full balance at least 5 weeks before you travel”. For expensive bookings in particular, not having to tie your money up many months in advance can be useful.


Let’s look at a quick example to show the sorts of savings that can be made:

Yesterday, I posted about the current BA sale and highlighted Business Class (Club World) fares to Abu Dhabi starting at £1,291 per person.

Book the same flights as a package including 7 nights at the (very decent) Aloft Abu Dhabi and, remarkably, you pay less – just £1,277 per person!

By booking as a British Airways holiday package, you pay £28 less (in total), get £20 more cashback than you otherwise would, earn 5,100 bonus Avios – and get 7 nights at a good hotel for free!

Bottom line

It’s always worth pricing things up quickly on British Airways Holidays as you can sometimes save a bundle!


  1. Craig Sowerby says

    Great find Joe, and a useful reminder. Does it work out much cheaper when:

    1. you travel alone?
    2. you book just one hotel night and no-show for it?

    Of course anybody travelling to the UAE in July or August is crazy! 5* Hotels are already practically free at that time of year because it’s simply too hot to go outside.

  2. Ben says

    Great idea, especially if one can book something with the intention of not showing 🙂

    I assume that booking through them will not count for hotel status?

    • Craig Sowerby says

      Definitely no status, points, etc. for BA Holidays (or any third party) which is why booking a one-night no-show (or close to airport) can make sense.

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