Ryanair Flash Sale – Lots of Destinations Just £5 Each Way!

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Until 6pm this evening (22nd March 2017), you can snag yourself a bargain flight in the latest Ryanair Flash Sale.

Prices start at just £10 return (£5 each way) and there’s actually a pretty good selection of destinations on offer from airports throughout the UK – for example:


London Stansted:


I’ve just booked some cheap flights from to Pisa myself. The Ryanair website was having all sorts of issues, so patience and perseverance might be required!

Bottom line

It’s good to see a decent Ryanair flash sale again. Not everyone loves the airline of course (in fact I’m not sure anyone, apart from possibly its shareholders, actually loves Ryanair…) but it’s difficult to argue with £5 tickets!

Also, is Ryanair really any worse than BA these days? – I’m genuinely not sure!


    • Joe Deeney says

      Haha – ok, challenge accepted: I’m pretty sure Palanga is Lithuania (by the sea I think?), Memmingen is Germany (not entirely sure which part though tbh…), Poitiers is France, not too far from Nantes (and ‘famous’ for its churches / cathedral), Olsztyn I confess I’ve never knowingly heard of before but will hazard a guess at Poland?

      With the (possible) exception of Olsztyn (which might well be delightful, for all I know), I’d say those are all potentially great places for a short break!

      • Craig Sowerby says

        HA! I’ll give you a half point for guessing that everywhere in Lithuania is either near the sea or Russia.

        Turns out Memmingen is in Bavaria. Wonder whey they don’t call it Munich Memmingen… Although it must be quite useful for reaching the German Alps.

        • Joe Deeney says

          Points are Points – I’ll gladly take the half!

          I just looked up Olszstyn and it actually appears to be extremely charming. Maybe a little sleepy, but I’m sure there’s lots of decent walks etc.

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