Upset at BA ending free food/drink? Cancel your flight or get 1000 Avios for free

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Following the breaking news yesterday that BA is to cease complimentary food and drink in short-haul Economy Class, online forum Flyertalk is reporting that they’re offering a full refund for all ticket categories or 1,000 Avios if you complain via the online feedback form.


Indeed, the online form now even has a specific tick box asking those providing feedback whether it is in relation to Short Haul Buy on Board Catering:


To benefit, your booking will need to be an existing one for (fairly obviously) departure after 11 January 2016, and you will need to cancel no less than 28 days prior to departure.

Bear in mind, you can sneakily use this to your advantage…

Frankly, given the fact that 1,000 Avios will give you £8 worth of food, I’d complain and take the Avios, rather than cancelling your flight on the basis of the lack of free food and drink. That said, now’s the time to do a quick price comparison to see if the BA flight you booked is still the best value – if it’s not, take this opportunity to cancel it for free (regardless of how inflexible the ticket class) and book elsewhere.


  1. Joe Deeney says

    I’m more upset about the lack of ‘free’ booze than food tbh, but that probably says more about me than BA…

    Great tip about taking the opportunity to shop around and then cancel for free. Given the changes, I would personally just pick whatever airline is cheapest and has the most convenient schedule from now on (yes, that definitely includes Ryanair! – who incidentally seem to be offering 20% off all flights today).

  2. Ian Perry says

    You’re not alone, Joe; first thing I priced up when I saw the menu was a gin and tonic; £6.00 !! 🙁

    Not sure I’d like to fly with someone like Ryanair, due to lack of complementary food and drink , oh wait a minute……

  3. Vin says

    Would this also work for a reward saver avios booking? If not, could someone advise what are the charges for cancelling an avios redemption ticket?

    • Tom Sumner says

      Hi Vin – cancellation of a BA Avios booking is ordinarily £35 (and you obviously then get the Avios back). However, I don’t see any reason to think that the free refund policy would not also apply to Avios redemption flights, such that the £35 would be waived.

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