Extended to 2 May! £20 cashback on all LateRooms.com bookings over £20

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We have a cracking little offer for you this morning, courtesy of the Quidco-driven hotel booking cashback site Earnaway. The deal is simple: book a hotel with LateRooms.com through Earnaway by 11:59pm on 2 May 2016, and you’ll get a fantastic £20 cashback on bookings over £20.


This is a very easy offer to get great value from. Simply sign up (or sign in: the offer is for existing customers too) to Earnaway and book a room on it through LateRooms.com (you can either use the LateRooms.com link on this page, or just search on Earnaway for LateRooms.com). Provided you do that today, you will then earn £20 cashback on that booking.

To be clear, the booking needs to be made by 11:59pm on 2 May, but there are no restrictions on the stay date (e.g. you could book today for a stay in August).

Given the sheer number of rooms available on LateRooms.com, it’s impossible for us to flag all the potentially great deals when you’re earning £20 cashback. The bottom line, of course, is that it’s £20 off any hotel booking on LateRooms.com.

Taking an entirely random example, however, the Ibis London Barking costs £46 per night on Friday 8 July – so you would be paying £26.


A more extreme example is the 3 Star Grosvenor House in Liverpool, which costs £28 a night in June. So you would be paying £8 for a night here!


Clearly, therefore, bargains to be had. I suggest you get searching today depending on your requirements.

Key terms are as follows:

  • Your £20 cashback will track into your account (normally within around 6 hours) and will be paid once once LateRooms.com have confirmed that you have stayed in the hotel room.
  • Only one booking per person.
  • Minimum spend £20 on your booking.
  • Offer ends 23:59 on Monday 2 May.
  • Any bookings made subsequent to 2 May will be rewarded with the standard 8% cashback.
  • If the user cancels their hotel booking, their bonus cashback will also be cancelled.
  • The use of ANY voucher code, even those provided in LateRooms.com newsletters will result in your cashback being declined.
  • Not to be used in conjunction with any other EarnAway bonus promotion – if you’re subject to bonus cashback based on your sign up source, it will track but later be rejected.
  • EarnAway reserve the right to suspend the offer at any time.

Who exactly are Earnaway?

Earnaway’s business model is simple, so I’ll let them explain it:


Until today, I had not ever used Earnaway. As noted above, Earnaway is brought to you by Quidco.


Quidco is a very reputable cashback site, which I have used for years. It is generally very well-regarded, with not only good cashback rates, but also excellent customer service. Based on Quidco’s reputation, you can be relaxed about using Earnaway.


  1. Andrew H says

    I had a look on laterooms.com for a hotel and found one for £40 mid-June. I realised that if I booked it via Earnaway I’d be able to get the 20 quid off.

    But when I used Earnaway, they’d filtered it out of the results. I tried searching by the hotel name too, and it did come up, but with the message ‘No availability for the dates selected, please try different dates and search again’. This is nonsense as it’s still clearly visible on laterooms.

    I’m thinking they filter out the low price rooms to ensure loads of people don’t get free nights, and prevent them making a loss.

    I’ve contacted them to see if they’ll make an exception!

  2. Andrew H says

    Further to my last post, I checked Earnaway the next day, and the hotel I wanted was suddenly available. Cost £40. Booked it, and Earnaway tracked it, so that’s a fantastic £20 bargain on Jersey for me! Add in the 4.5k avio BA birthday promo (booked a Euro Traveller return to Jersey for £68) and it looks even better!

    Now if only I can find a way of paying less for London Hilton rooms. 🙂

  3. Andrew H says

    Got my £20 Earnaway cashback last week. So my overnight stay on Jersey in June only cost £20! Hooray!

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