Air NZ to LA: upgrade your Economy Class travel to the Skycouch for £100 less

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Air New Zealand is currently offering £100 off couple’s upgrades to their unique Economy “Skycouch”, on bookings (and travel) from London to Los Angeles completed by 22 June 2016.


The obvious questions here are: what exactly is the Air New Zealand Skycouch, and is it worth an extra £199?

The Skycouch consists of three adjacent Economy seats that together give two travellers an extra bit of flexible space. However, it’s not simply limited to the obvious benefit of three Economy seats between two people – at the touch of a button, the footrest for the three seats comes up, forming a fully flat area that gives substantial extra space: 1.55m by 74cm, to be exact.

Not entirely easily described, so probably best you let Air New Zealand do that in full – there’s a handy video of exactly how it works on this link.

Having never used the Air New Zealand Skycouch, it’s hard for me to give any definitive view on whether it’s worth an extra £200, but when you look at the extra costs of Premium Economy seats when compared to Economy prices (and by all means do the comparison on your Air NZ booking), it strikes me that paying an extra £100 per head for this may be great value. Certainly if I was travelling Economy to Los Angeles, I would be looking to upgrade.

One thing is very important to note: if you are travelling as two adults and one child, this discounted offer is not for you. In these circumstances, an upgrade to the Skycouch will cost you only £100, a price that strikes me as great value:


You can add the Air New Zealand Skycouch option when you get to the “Extras” section of your booking.

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