British Airways’ Luxury World Sale, plus double Avios savings

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British Airways has launched a new Luxury World Sale, offering (sometimes substantial) discounts in Business and First Class.

british airways sale

You need to book by 22 March, with the travel window varying by destination but generally open until the end of February 2017.

Options are multiple, but a few that caught our eye were:

Business Class return prices

  • Abu Dhabi £1341
  • Amman £861
  • Bangalore £1380
  • Bangkok £1729
  • Beijing £1655
  • Cancun £1495
  • Chicago £1764
  • Dominican Republic £1295
  • Dubai £1376
  • Kingston (Jamaica) £1295
  • Montreal £1670
  • St Lucia £1695
  • Toronto £1670
  • Washington £1764


And that’s not all…

In addition to the sale up to 22 March, BA are also offering some generous additional savings if you part pay with Avios.

british airways sale

To be clear, you can use part pay with Avios on top of any savings in the Luxury World Sale.

The double saving applies to short and long haul redemptions in Business and First, and works as follows:

  • Save £20 or £60 or up to a max of £100 for European destinations instead of the standard saving of £10, £30, £50.
  • Save £20 or £60 or £100, or £150 or up to a max of £200 for long-haul destinations instead of the standard saving of £10, £30, £50, £75 or £100.

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