Saving Money or Earning Points/Miles at Non-Chain Hotels: Part One – Get 4,000+ Miles with Kaligo

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There is a lot of information online (including at InsideFlyer!) on how to maximise value when staying at chain hotels – whether that’s through bonus points, discount rates, status benefits or myriad other ways.kaligo

But what about those stays when there are no chain hotels, when you just fancy something a bit different, or maybe (like many people) you simply do not travel enough to make finding out about traditional hotel loyalty programmes worthwhile?

This series of posts is designed to show that you don’t have to miss out on extra value, just because you’re not staying with one of the big chains!

Part One: Kaligo – 4,000+ frequent flyer Miles for booking one night

If you are more interested in getting frequent flyer Miles from your stays than hotel Points, booking site Kaligo is well worth a look.

Until the 31st January you can get at least 4,000 Miles with any of their frequent flyer programme partners, by booking at least one night through Kaligo.

Ordinarily if you book with Kaligo, you will earn 100-10,000 frequent flyer Miles per stay. Most of the time it seems to work out at less than 1,000 frequent flyer Miles per night though, unless you are booking somewhere expensive or get lucky.

Rates are often a little pricier than you can find on other sites, but they do have a useful ‘Best Price’ symbol for when their price does match the best publicly available rate. If you don’t see the Best Price symbol, you will be able to find the hotel cheaper elsewhere, and you’ll have to decide whether the Miles are worth more to you than the difference in cash.

Kaligo seems to offer a wider choice of hotels than some similar sites (eg. Rocketmiles), and rates start at around £50.00 per night.

By far the best value is for new users, who book by the 31st January.

For the next two days, Kaligo is offering 3,000 Miles for any new booking (you can make reservations for dates up until the end of 2016).

If you use this link to sign up, you will get an additional 1,000 Miles for being referred as well, so 4,000 Bonus Miles in total (I also get 1,000 Miles if you use the link – thanks!).

I generally value frequent flyer Miles at between 1p-1.5p per Mile depending on the type and how easy/difficult they are to get hold of. At the very least then, 4000 Miles are worth £40.00 to me, which is a pretty good rebate for a one night stay! 

As I mentioned earlier, Kaligo often charge a little more than the cheapest rate you can find elsewhere, but with the referral and first booking bonuses, the numbers should usually work out heavily in your favour for your first booking.

Kaligo currently partners with 33 frequent flyer programmes including: BA Executive Club, Virgin Flying Club, American AAdvantage, United MileagePlus, Alaska Mileage Plan, Etihad Guest, Singapore KrisFlyer, and many others!

If you value frequent flyer Miles and need to book a short stay somewhere, booking with Kaligo is a fantastic way to get a substantial rebate. Remember though, that the current offer ends on 31st January – so you’ve only got two days left to book!

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