3148 free Avios – if you’re willing to be a little patient

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The title of this post suggests that I am soliciting dwarves for medical experiments, with remuneration in air miles. Can I make it clear that is not what I am doing.

free avios

No. Instead, using a couple of neat little “seasoned traveller tips”, I am highlighting a great way to earn a good haul of Avios (or take a small chunk of cash) with minimal effort. 

Via Topcashback, Lottoland, a UK-licensed lottery intermediary, is currently offering £13.12 to new users who sign up and deposit £2.

free avios

Now we would never promote gambling on InsideFlyer, and we’re not. You don’t actually have to spend the £2. Per the terms of the cashback, you simply need to deposit the £2 and let it sit there for a 2 month “validation period”.

free avios

2 month validation period? eh?

Yes, I don’t particularly like that either – but this is a slightly slow burner. Your cashback should land as soon as this period has expired, and you are of course then free to withdraw your £2 (which I strongly suggest you do, given the appalling odds lotteries offer).

So how does that get you 3148 Avios?

Well one of the great things about Topcashback is your ability to convert your cashback into Tesco Clubcard points, at a 1:1 ratio. That is particularly appealing because you can then convert Tesco Clubcard points into Avios at a rate of 1:2.4 – so 1 Clubcard point will get you 2.4 Avios (or 2.5 Virgin Flying Club miles).

free avios

The Tesco offer is limited to a maximum conversion of £50 cashback to Tesco Clubcard in any 12 month period, but failing that it’s £13.12 in cash for minimal effort (and you can also convert the cash to various vouchers etc (including Amazon, Boots and House of Fraser) with a bonus of up to 7%.

The Lottoland offer ends on Monday 18 January. 


  1. Nick Burch says

    Sadly they seem to have slightly dropped the cashback overnight – I’m only seeing £12.62 at the moment

    While you’re on TopCashback today, it’s worth looking out for hummingbirds carrying presents! Their “click on all our merchants to maybe win cash” game is back, this time travel-focused. Odds of a big win aren’t great, but I’ve managed 10p on this one…

    • Tom Sumner says

      Yeah, I’ve been dipping in and out of this one (when I remember). Let’s see if I can add to the 10p haul from Christmas…

      • Andrew Haddow says

        I did both their hummingbird competitions in November and December.

        On Day 1 I found a couple of birds. Days 2 and 3, one each. On Day 4, I found about 15, and I finished the day with one sweet short in every category. There were still three weeks to go so I figured I was guaranteed to find a prize.

        I then spent the next three weeks looking at hundreds of pages a day and the only birds I found had prize draw entries. So I finished with nothing.

        It gives the lie to their repeated claims that it was random. Clearly, once you have reached the stage of being one sweet short in every category, your chances of finding another bird dwindles massively.

        In their second hummingbird promotion at Christmas, I found the first prize of 10p, so that was a good start. Then it was the same pattern as before – one sweet short in every category.

        When I saw they’d started a third competition, I didn’t want to take part and closed the bar at the bottom, but it came back after 15 minutes. Ironically when I clicked your Hilton link the other day, I got 10p. I’m still not taking part though!

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