Vienna: CAT Train to the airport

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Looking for a fast (but expensive) way from the city to the airport in Vienna. When leaving the InterContinental at Vienna to go the airport, I typically use the Subway and the CAT train which links the City Centre to VIE.

There is a subway station right opposite the InterContinental and it is one stop to the CAT (City Airport Train) station at Vienna-Mitte. You must buy a ticket at the subway station before boarding for the subway.

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The platforms are downstairs and you need the righthand one to get to the CAT station.

(Yes, that’s me taking a picture from the wrong platform. This was followed by running up and over as the train I wanted was pulling in.)

The subway trains are fairly typical for Europe:

When you come off the subway, follow the signs for the CAT train and when you come up to the surface you see their station:

The trains leave the airport and city at the same times 06 and 36 minutes past the hour.

You can pre-purchase your CAT ticket at their web site and earn Lufthansa Miles And More miles at the same time. A ticket with a bar code can be printed off to present to the ticket inspector.

At the CAT station you can check in for your flight and even deposit your luggage if you have a CAT ticket.

The trains are two storey and if you have never ridden ‘upstairs’ on a train it is worth doing.

The seats are a mixture of singles and doubles/4’s to suit everyone:

There are luggage racks at the doorways and tickets are checked on the train.

You get to see some ‘lovely’ sights from the train as you speed to the airport in the 16 minutes it takes to get there.

Once you arrive at VIE you need to choose which terminal you need, but there are signs to help. At the Star Alliance terminal, you are deposited at one end and it is a five minute walk to Security:

The fare (as of Feb 14) is EUR11 one way and EUR17 return.

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