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Discussion in 'Flight sales & offers' started by Adam, Jul 4, 2016.

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    Tried getting the answer to my Q over on HFP but no joy!
    I'm trying to find out how you redeem baec avios miles on qatar flights. I have found the flights direct on qatars own site but my BAEC flight reward search does not even pick up the destination when I attempt to use it.
    Qatar is part of OW so cannot understand why baec will not find the destination in their search which is Seychelles.
    I searched qatar for next Jan, flights there from LON.
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    Hi Adam,

    The BAEC search has some irritating quirks. This tip from Milevalue sometimes works , but sadly doesn't seem to be much good for the Seychelles.

    You might be able to check availability on the Qatar site, or maybe the Qantas one too - but you'd have to ring BA anyway too book with Avios, so could be best just doing that (believe me, I know how annoying phoning BA is... so I don't suggest that lightly!). Make sure you tell them that you can't book online and they should drop the phone booking charge.
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