UPDATED: Airbnb referral link £34 off first trip

Discussion in 'Hotel sales & offers' started by Zeeshan, Apr 13, 2020.

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    Hey guys,

    Thought I'd create a new thread to share updated Airbnb referral links (some in the old thread seemed broken and thought a new thread may give my link more chance of being seen!).

    The referral link will give people £34 off their first stay using Airbnb. Have stayed in some amazing places through Airbnb and found it far more convenient than hotels - the places usually come fully equipped and are incredibly cosy! :)

    The referral link can be found here.

    If you could use it that'll be really appreciated! I travel a lot as part of part-time work and part-time studying lifestyle so the credit I'll also get will be really useful.

    Thanks so much guys, and hope you all continue to have some amazing travels and continue making new adventures!

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