Top Tip: Want To Load Spend On Your Amex Card In Stores That Don't Accept Amex?

Discussion in 'British Airways | Executive Club' started by Conair23, Jan 27, 2016.


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    Thinking of doing some big house renovations using B&Q/Ikea and want to load spend onto your Amex? You are out of luck, B&Q don't accept Amex at all and Ikea only accepts it in store.

    Answer? sells vouchers for both stores. Simply buy the vouchers using your Amex, take the gift vouchers to the store or shop online and use. Win/Win. do small a small fee (£5.95) to post the gift vouchers out to your address. Also on their site they limited the vouchers you can buy online to £250, however they will tell you to phone there head office where they can load any amount onto your card. I put £3,000 onto my BA amex to hit my 241 voucher and used the vouchers to purchase B&Q items.

    Hope it helps you hit a spend target or 241

    Happy flying :)
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    Or better, and cheaper: Tesco.
    Go to Tesco, buy vouchers for B&Q with your Amex.
    Normally face value, sometimes cheaper.
    Get bonus clubcard points if you spend over (and multiples of) £50.

    Of course many online stores that don't take Amex, do take paypal, so be sure to link your Amex to your paypal account. This works in most cases, although some retailers can reject Amex via paypal.
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