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    Hi everyone,

    does anyone have any tier point runs planned for this year? My aim is to qualify for BA Gold this year. Previous years I had AA Platinum status as my main OneWorld elite status. But due to them going to revenue based program, it's unlikely I'll fly them again.

    Trips that I have planned for this year to reach Gold are the following:

    CMB - BOM in biz on Sri Lankan for 40 TP
    LHR-NCE in eco on BA
    BRU-DOH-HND return in biz on QR for 560 TP
    BRU-DOH-DPS return in biz on QR for 560 TP
    BRU-LHR-HEL-TLL return in both eco & biz (Tallinn tier point run) which I'll be doing twice for 400 TP.

    A lot of nice TP runs can be found between Middle East and SE Asia, or in SE Asia itself. One that was just brought to my attention is BAH-CGK, good for 560 TP on Sri Lankan in biz for around £ 717. So if you'd be in the area, that might be an option.

    Another option is the QR flights, there are some real good deals around if you keep your eyes open. Currently QR has a sale, but prices are not as good as during the Travel Festival in January this year.

    Does anyone have any other options or routes they want to share?
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    A lot depends on your current level of status. For pure TP runs, it's hard to beat AA. Especially since many people forget that you earn many more Avios on AA (as a BA Gold) than you would with QR, etc. due to tier bonuses. Shame that the F TPs are gone, though...

    Last year I did two of the West Coast USA to PTY runs, with several stops up and down the East Coast. Managed about 70p per TP but there is too much junk food involved on-board and in the Admirals Clubs... Did my last one in the first couple of weeks of my TP year, so nothing really contemplated until late 2018.

    For actual holidays where earning TPs is merely a consideration, QR long-hauls are hard to beat...
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