Tesco Clubcard Coupons: Where are they?

Discussion in 'Others' started by litefoot, Feb 7, 2016.

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    If any of you have Tesco Clubcards, you'll know that every quarter, you're supposed to receive a number of promotional clubcard coupons that you can use to collect extra points in store.

    They're either sent in the post or you can print them in your online account.

    However for over a year now I haven't received a single coupon.

    I complained to Tesco Customer Service about this in November at the end of that quarter. They apologised and assured me I was 'opted in' for the next quarter. This weekend was the end of that quarter - and yet again I haven't received any coupons. It gets very frustrating when you're reading posts on forums about how many coupons people have received.

    I complained once again this evening, and politely asked for some coupons to be sent to me. They declined and said I should get some next quarter (a claim I no longer believe). However when I persisted they did offer me 200 complimentary free points, which was decent of them (shhh, while the forum is quiet let's keep that to ourselves in case Tesco get flooded with complaints).

    Does anyone else have this problem?
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    I opted out of paper coupons, so have to remember to login and see what's available but I usually get money off or bonus points when buying something we'd usually buy. What we recently discovered is that most of our friends and family get 'save £x when you spend £y' which we never do. At least 1 or 2 of the wife's weekly supermarket shops are at tesco. Others receiving the coupons are a mix of those that almost never shop at tesco and those that almost always shop at tesco, so I can't understand why we don't get them.
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