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Discussion in 'British Airways | Executive Club' started by GnarlyOldGoatDude, Nov 14, 2015.

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    Having received one free flight out of the On Business scheme, I suppose I shouldn't complain, but the latest incarnation is even worse than I would have thought. I know that it has gone through a devaluation, but all 5 of the flights on my dashboard have earned 0 points because they show up as "Flight Award".

    Note that all flights were revenue flights and all were on BA metal, however the first one was booked as an S7 code share, and the rest used Avios to reduce the price. Of course it would take me about 100 years in order to earn enough points for another free flight if I had been earning, however, I still feel hard done by.
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    Yes it appears that On Business now won't let you earn if you use any form of discount - including the use of Avios to reduce the price, any sort of code - such as those issued recently in London, and the old shareholder discount - immediately discount the ticket for OB earning.
    It's really annoying especially when tickets were issued before the devaluation.
    I think that unless you are a big company this scheme has no value.

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