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Discussion in 'British Airways | Executive Club' started by litefoot, May 31, 2016.

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    Email from Topcashback just now:

    "We are getting in touch to let you know about changes to payout options available. Tesco has recently made some alterations to its Tesco Clubcard scheme and as a consequence from the 31st July 2016, Tesco Clubcard points will no longer be available as a payout method. While we realise this may be frustrating for members, TopCashback tried to do everything it possibly could to keep Tesco Clubcard as a payout method on site."

    This is vey bad news for me as it is one of my major sources of Avios. I have £50 ready for my next conversion in October (mostly due to tips sourced from you gents). That would be 5000 clubcard points converting to 12k avios. Sadly, that option will be closed to me. I'll still be able to convert to avios directly but only at a one to one ratio. Damn.

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