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    Has anyone heard about the problems Lloyds seem to be experiencing with adding the points to new accounts?

    My husband has an account for which no points have been posted in the last four months, nor the upgrade voucher added to the account and having raised it first in January he is now being told it will be april before the points are credited.

    I really don't think this is acceptable and wonder if anyone else has heard of this or has any suggestions? At the very least I feel they should add some bonus AVIOS for the inconvenience.
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    I'm afraid the Lloyds cards are (I think?) the only Avios/potential Avios cards I've not had, so I've got no personal experience with how they deal with complaints. On the general point though, if any of my credit card issuers had screwed up that badly I would be far from impressed and expect at least something for the inconvenience - even if it's just token.

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