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    Hopefully I am posting this in the right place.

    I have recently booked flights from the UK to Bali for me and two other friends. Ironically I was dead careful with their names asking them to confirm before booking.

    Somehow I stupidly missed the spelling of my own surname which had two letters swapped round.

    As I booked through a 3rd party agent Crystal Travel I was unable to get the name correction done by BA. Crystal Travel have contacted the BA Trade support but also being told it is not possible as there are several operators on the flights.

    I was told the only option is to cancel the flight without refund and go ahead and book again.... losing £630 for original booking and more as the flights are almost £800 now.

    I am in the processes of complaining to BA and I've also tried emailing the CEO to see if that helps at all......

    I have actually contacted each of the airlines operating on this flight and each of them said they would correct the name they just been to be instructed by BA. So it is even more frustrating because it appears that BA simply can't be bothered to help.

    Qatar Airways - Name Correction - Yes

    Garuda - Name Correction - Yes

    Jetstar Asia Airways - Name Correction - Yes

    My misspelled surname is hard to spot hence why i didn't notice it. What are peoples experiences with travelling with an incorrect name on the ticket, should I just risk it and if I get refused I will just try and book another flight in the airport? At the end of the day if BA don't come back to me I can't just throw away £630.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Hi Andrew - first of all, welcome to InsideFlyer!

    That sounds like a nightmare. Unfortunately (well, fortunately for me I guess) I haven't got any personal experience of anything similar.

    My general advice is just to keep pushing and keep trying to get through to someone who is willing to help - stay cool, friendly and polite (regardless of how frustrating the situation is) but don't take no for an answer. If one agent says no and keeps saying no, put the phone down and ring again, and again, and again.

    The fact the other airlines are happy to help if they can is a positive - I would seek to get that in writing.

    I'm a bit confused as to what the exact situation is and who would have the power to make the changes. You booked with Crystal Travel so that is where I would be focusing my attention - it might even require them arranging a conference call with agents from all the relevant airlines on the line, but with a bit of effort and goodwill, fixing what is clearly just a typo surely can't be impossible.

    Apologies for not being able to offer something a bit more specific - good luck!!

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