Free holiday to Wellington, NZ for techies!

Discussion in 'Free/no additional spend miles & points' started by Gagravarr, Mar 2, 2017.

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    Apparently the lovely city of Wellington in New Zealand has more marketing budget than it has IT / Software / DevOps people, and has decided to try to correct the balance ;)

    As they say:

    We’re looking for the best tech talent in the world to come on the career trip of a life-time, from 8-11 May 2017

    Wellington is the South Pacific’s tech and innovation capital, bubbling with innovative tech companies developing leading edge solutions and exporting them to the world. Our tech industry is flying along and we need more people.

    So we’re bringing 100 of the best people we can find to fill 100 great tech jobs right here in Wellington. It’ll be four days of pre-arranged job interviews, meet-ups and exploration, with all flights and accommodation paid for. At the end of the week there’ll be offers to jobs you never knew existed in a place with a lifestyle you never thought possible.
    If you work in software / IT, are free that week (which you might not be as they've picked the same dates as OSCON, doh!), it could be worth a try!

    I think flights are only in economy though...
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    Haha, yes definitely a bit too much marketing budget sloshing around there I think. Also, it's a long way in Economy!

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