Book often with Virgin Trains East Coast? Check your email - 2 first class single tickets offers!

Discussion in 'Rail options & offers' started by Gagravarr, Dec 21, 2015.

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    If you book fairly often with Virgin Trains East Coast, then don't delete their latest marketing email!

    I used to book lots with them, before they ditched their rewards scheme (sob), and still do a bit. I've just had an email from them with a subject of Your two free First Class tickets inside


    Much as it says on the tin, it's two free first class singles on their network! Fine print is "Just make sure to book your trip in advance (at least 7 days), and travel off-peak – tickets are valid for travel until 23 March 2016."

    So, if you book with them fairly often, keep an eye on your email. And if you don't currently, and the prospect of earning one Sainsburys sandwhich every few thousand pounds spent on a First group booking website doesn't inspire you, then you might want to book more with Virgin East Coast next year in case they re-run it

    Oh, and don't forget that bookings on the Virgin Trains East Coast website for travel on their own trains (but sadly not other people's trains) earn you Virgin Atlantic flying club miles

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