Amex Rewards Gold to Platinum upgrade - how to?

Discussion in 'Miles & points via credit cards' started by Copywriter_Ben, May 27, 2022.

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    I'm seriously considering upgrading from Amex Gold to Platinum because the added perks will come in handy this year as I plan to travel a lot more.

    I called Amex customer services today to see if they would offer any personalised upgrade bonuses (No!). Worse still, the agent claimed there was no upgrade path and I would need to complete a brand new application for the Platinum card. I'm sure it used to be possible to upgrade between cards though...

    So, does anyone have any experience of the upgrade process?
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    One of my favourite Amex Platinum benefits is the $200 yearly Uber credit and the up to $189 credit on an annual Clear membership.

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