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Discussion in 'Other frequent traveller programmes' started by Richard1974, Jan 26, 2021.

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    Hi Everyone,
    Just thought I'd do a quick post here with my experience of collecting 'ALL - Accor Live Limitless' hotel points in case it's helpful to anyone else in the future.
    The ALL Accor Live Limitless programme isn't great, but once travel resumes it will probably be easy enough to collect enough points from a few stays at Accor hotels to get a voucher for a small discount off subsequent stays.
    The main problem with the ALL Accor Live Limitless programme is the hard expiry of points after exactly one year if you don't add points to your ALL Accor points balance during that time.
    Officially, added points need to be from hotel stays, but unofficial reports suggest that adding to your ALL Accor points balance from any source will reset the clock and give you a further 365 days of life to your points balance.
    Knowing that I wouldn't be staying at any Accor hotels for the foreseeable future, and facing the hard expiry of my (very modest amount of) points in late December, I decided in October to do a couple of online shops (that I was going to do anyway) via ALL Accor's 'Collections' shopping referral platform, in order to pick up a few Accor points that way and try to reset the clock on my account.
    Well, I can report that the points did come through - but it took over 3 months for the points to be credited!
    In the meantime, my existing points expired. There weren't many of them, so I'm not crying too many tears. I also do not know whether earning the points would actually have reset the clock on my balance. (I'm guessing 'yes', but don't know for sure.)
    So, anyway I thought I'd share my experience here in case it helps anyone else. Essentially, if you want/need to try this yourself, you might want to ensure a gap of at least 3 months between your points earning and your points reset date, in order that for the points to credit to your ALL Accor Limitless account in time.
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    Cheers Richard! - I still seem to inexplicably have Plat status with Accor (from years ago but never removed), so might well give them a try again once travel is back. Hopefully we'll see some fantastic promotions from all the hotel programmes later this year!
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