Accessing BA lounges once your CX gold card expires

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    Are you worried about not having access to the BA Club lounges once your Cathay Pacific Gold card expires? No frankly I am not as I am a real BA gold, but we put the houseboy on our Amex to cover his medical insurance and it came with a free CX gold card. He uses this to access One World lounges when he flies back to visit family from wherever it is he comes from. He is now facing the prospect of being without status and unable to imbibe the odd glass of fizz in a lounge ahead of boarding. It made me realise others may be in the same boat. Fear not though, Qantas are flying to the rescue.

    QF will match your gold status in another airline to their own Gold tier, which is the equivalent of One World Sapphire status. All you have to do is register, send a scan of the card, and hey presto all will be fine for another year of lounging about. Oh, one thing, it is only open to residents of New Zealand. Where is that I hear you shout? Apparently it’s where the Sauvignon Blanc comes from if that is any help. And I say if you enjoy a good crisp gooseberry flavoured drink then you are a resident. So here’s what you need to do:

    Go to this website:

    Click on join for free here. Now remember, you need a New Zealand address. So drop by google first and look for Auckland University and find an address of a student hall of residence. Use this to apply. Once you have your QF number, upload an image of your CX Gold card. Then sit back and wait. They will send you an email confirming you have been matched and your account will be updated to reflect your gold status. They will then send off your membership pack, including cards to your faux NZ address.

    Now I concede, this may actually present a problem as you do not live there or know anybody who does. All is not lost. Go and log back into your QF account and now you are Gold, change your address to the UK, one you actually live at. Then go to the membership account page and request they post out a new card as you have misplaced yours. And hey presto, a new card will be sent to England.

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