500 extra miles on standard Rocketmile bookings

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    This afternoon I received an email from Rocketmiles, offering an extra 500 miles on my next booking if I answered the five questions in their quiz correctly.

    I answered the five questions correctly and had a look at the hotel awards. UPDATE: This offer is not in conjunction with the 'earn 3-4000 miles on your first booking' offer. So for example, if you booked a room at the Hilton Garden Inn at LHR, you'd earn 1000 avios plus 500 bonus.

    Here's the email:

    "Barefoot in the Garden with a Bonus
    Get 500 fresh bonus Avios to begin the season. Take our quiz for your chance to use that art history course you took once upon a semester. We knew it would come in handy one day.

    Match each spring-inspired painting to the correct artist for a bouquet of 500 bonus Avios on your next booking. A perfect 5/5 score will take you to a winner’s page where you can claim your prize and get on your vacation faster!"

    Then there's a link to take you to the quiz. Looks like it's unique to each user - a long set of alphanumerical characters.

    Quiz answers:

    1. Claude Monet
    2. Gustav Klimt
    3. Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema
    4. Vincent Van Gogh
    5. Sandro Botticelli
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