Win Prizes for Helping Me Plan My Trip! - Week One: 36 Hours in Madrid

Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Strategies' started by JoeD, Aug 30, 2018.

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    Hello! I have never been in Madrid but now so want to visit it;)
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    Are you copying me? I hadn't realised your trip was taking you to the same three cities I visited back in May/Jun of this year!

    The highlight our the few days we had in Madrid was the food tour. We try to do one in every city that we visit and have now explored the food and history of Berlin, Rome, Madrid and Hong Kong.

    I cannot post links annoyingly, so just search for "secret food tour Madrid".

    These guys run tours all over the World and they never fail to disappoint. You know the food in Madrid is going to live up to expectations but it's great to have a guide talk you through what makes it so iconic and special.

    If you use the code SFT15 you should get a 15% discount as well.

    Highly, highly recommended!
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    Haha, yes sounds like it!

    I think you can post links after 8 posts (anti spam measure).

    Food tour sounds great actually! - cheers again!

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