Advent Christmas Calendar 2018 winners?

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    Is there somewhere the list of the winners of the Christmas calendar because I searched the forum but I can't seem to find it..

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    Hi MerNion - Welcome to InsideFlyer!

    Good point (and extremely remiss of me not to have posted the list already!).

    I can only fill in the ones I've got direct knowledge of myself this evening, but will fill the rest in when I get the info from colleagues asap. Also note that we're still waiting to hear back from a few of the winners, so I'll fill in those gaps when they are confirmed or redrawn) - here you go:

    Day 1: David O

    Day 2: Ryan W

    Day 3: Sarah L

    Day 4: Kristoffer G

    Day 5: Kath W

    Day 6: Mia

    Day 7: Ian M

    Day 8: Kevin F

    Day 9: Hans Z, May

    Day 10: Denice C

    Day 11: Saskia L

    Day 12: Nikolaj H

    Day 13: Sarah M

    Day 14: Matthew F

    Day 15: Lorenzo S

    Day 16: Felicity B

    Day 17: Dan R

    Day 18:

    Day 19: Matthew C

    Day 20: David W

    Day 21: Iain H

    Day 22: Roland O

    Day 23:

    Day 24: Jose S
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