It’s 1 September – so time to switch your Hilton Earning Preference!

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Anyone familiar with the Hilton Honors loyalty scheme (and you should be – it’s by far one of the best value and most straightforward loyalty schemes out there) will know that one of its key perks is the “double dip” feature.

“Double dip” allows you to not only earn Hilton points, but also airline points, including Avios, on your Hilton stays. As a result of this, we flagged a fantastic opportunity to earn a bonus 10,000 Avios!

To benefit from this deal, you needed to switch your Hilton Earning Preference to “points and miles”, with BA Executive Club (Avios) as the earning partner. However, the offer ended on 31 August, and it’s now time to switch back.

Switch back to what…?

Well this is the key point. Certainly, you should switch from BA Exec Club Avios, as the earning rate (1 Avios per $1 spend) is less than the Avios earning rate with Iberia Plus (1.5 Avios per $1 spend, albeit capped at 1000 per stay).

However, there’s a second (and slightly confusing element) to the Hilton Double Dip that you need to pay heed to. Hilton Honors lets you earn Hilton points and… Hilton points. Yep, if you set your Hilton Earning Preference to “points and points”, you’ll earn the standard 10 Honors points per $1 spend, plus an additional 5.

Given that we value Hilton Honors points at 0.4 pence each, and Avios at 1 pence each, 5 Honors points is worth 2 pence, while 1.5 Avios point is worth 1.5 pence. Accordingly, unless you are in specific need of Avios points (or airline miles with any of the various other Hilton partners), we generally recommend “points and points” as the best value Hilton earning option.

Arguably in stark contrast to Avios, too, Hilton Honors points are wonderfully easy to spend, and often offer great value.


  1. Andrew H says

    I was going to hang about until the last of my 2k avio bonuses were uploaded (which should be early next week) and THEN change back. Just to be on the safe side?

    • Joe Deeney says

      Yes, that could well be sensible. No doubt you’d get it sorted eventually regardless, but could be a minor hassle.

  2. Mahomed says

    I checked in on the 31 august and am checking out on the 3 September . Will I get the avios bonus as I am on points and miles for this promotion .

  3. wolf says

    For some people it might be worth switching to the Miles & More for the double dip (3x miles, no maximum, until December). As usual, requires registration:

    • Miles Hunt says

      Very good point.

      I massively struggle with M&M – the only way I can come close top justifying collecting and spending them is the Mileage Bargains. However, to the keen M&M collector this is definitely better value than the points and points option.

  4. Andrew H says

    Is there a link that shows how many miles you earn with all the different airlines? Virgin America for example. Those could be quite valuable as they will soon be converted to Alaska miles at a favourable rate.

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