Double miles on hotel bookings – in the programme of your choice!

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Hotel “miles for booking” site Kaligo is currently offering double miles on new customers’ first booking, provided they make the booking by 31 January. While you’ll find a Kaligo bonus on a fairly regular basis, it’s rare that they are this flexible.

kaligo bonus

The great thing about this offer is that you get to choose which (Kaligo partner) loyalty scheme you credit the double miles to.

With partners including Avios, Etihad Guest, Flying Blue and Virgin Flying Club, this is a great opportunity to give a miles boost to an account you need to top up.

kaligo bonus

While any booking with Kaligo needs some research to make sure you’re getting “best value”, this is very often the case when there’s a decent Kaligo bonus available, such as this one. Hotel rates with Kaligo are often a little pricier than you can find on other sites, but they do have a useful ‘Best Price’ symbol for when their price does match the best publicly available rate. If you don’t see the Best Price symbol, you will be able to find the hotel cheaper elsewhere, and you’ll have to decide whether the miles are worth more to you than the difference in cash. Where the miles offered are doubled (as is the case here), the Kaligo bonus option can be well worth taking.

In short, with a double miles bonus in the scheme of your choice, you should be able to get a very good miles rebate on your stay here. 

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