Boost Your Nectar Point And Avios Value At Sky Store

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Nectar is now a key parallel loyalty currency for Avios collectors. However, those new to Nectar will soon become aware of the almost universal valuation of Nectar points, when redeemed, at a fixed 0.5p.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with that, but it does mean that opportunities to flag good value Nectar redemption opportunities are limited, as it is largely limited to pointing out where you can spend at 0.5p a point.

Given that 1 Avios converts to 1.6 Nectar point, this “universal valuation” also means your Avios are worth 0.8p if redeemed within the Nectar world.

So what’s the current boost?

I fully accept this is not necessarily the most exciting of opportunities, but it is worth flagging as a clear example of where you can sometimes get more than 0.5p “value” for your Nectar point, and therefore more than 0.8p value for your Avios within Nectar. So that “Nectar point = 0.5p” starting point is not entirely inflexible!

sky store nectar

If you are looking to rent or buy a movie online, you can currently do so with Sky Store and get 0.57p of value for your Nectar point, so 0.9p of value for your Avios.

Clearly, if you are tempted to rent a movie from Sky Store using cash, then you are better of using your Nectar points for this offer than you are spending them in Sainsbury for 0.5p in value.

The Sky Store redemption table is as follows, in each case working out at 0.57p per Nectar point:

sky store nectar

According to Sky, new movies are added every week – often before they’re available in the shops.

You don’t need to be a Sky customer to benefit

You don’t need to be a Sky TV customer to buy/rent these movies, and there’s no subscription required. You can watch the movies in Sky Store on your laptop, TV, mobile, tablet, NOW TV device or Chromecast or download to watch offline through the Sky Store player app for Mac/PC, Android/iOS devices.

If you are a Sky TV customer, you can also send the movies straight to your Sky Box.

Ultimately, if the prices for movies at Sky store tempts you (and do shop around), this is a great way to get an unusually generous 0.57p per Nectar point and a very competitive 0.9p per Avios point. Certainly one worth thinking about.

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