Did You Know? You Can Now Spend Your Avios At M&S

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The Nectar/Avios partnership has opened up a world of opportunity, with a number of “grounded flyers” taking the opportunity to use their Avios for an effective 0.8p (each) credit at Sainsburys.

Given that each Avios can be directly converted to 1.6 Nectar points, this creates an obvious spend route at places like Sainsbury, Argos and eBay. However, there’s also a slightly more obscure route which enables you to spend your Nectar points at Marks & Spencer.

Bear with me on this one…

M&S is not a Nectar Partner

For some reason, M&S is not a formal Nectar partner. As such, it’s totally absent from the Nectar website or app.

marks and spencer nectar

marks and spencer nectar

But it sort of is a Nectar Partner

Once again I am forced by circumstance to recommend MyMail to you. Although M&S is not technically a “Nectar partner”, if you’re a member of MyMail (it’s free) you can redeem Nectar points for M&S vouchers through the MyMail website:

marks and spencer nectar

As the standard Nectar valuation of 0.5p per point applies here, each Avios (bear in mind 250 Avios = 400 Nectar points) will earn you 0.8p to spend at M&S.

A reminder too that if you convert your hard-earned Avios to Nectar points in anticipation of a shopping splurge (whether at Sainsbury etc or M&S via this route), you can always just convert the Nectar points back to Avios should you change your mind. The obvious caveat here is that once you’ve converted those Nectar points to M&S vouchers, this is irreversible.

The Sad Realisation

So there we have it. I am advocating signing up to the Mail and shopping at M&S. I have officially become middle-aged.

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