My Bargain Hilton Summer Sale Booking

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The wide-ranging Hilton Summer Sale, is still offering 30% off at a number of at a vast number of Hilton EMEA properties. The problem with publicising sales like these is that people’s requirements range so enormously, it’s often difficult to know what exactly to flag to readers as a “good deal”.

While there are undoubtedly loads of them, what works for one person can be totally irrelevant to others.

hilton summer sale

With that in mind, I thought it worth taking a very simple and generic example to show just what value can be found – my own summer holiday booking!

My wife and I decided to take the family to Mauritius for just over a week (9 nights), in July, from 4 July to 13 July. As a result of the Hilton Summer Sale, we were able to secure a “Beachfront Junior Suite” at a completely superb £235 a night. That’s down from a headline rate of £336 and, even allowing for the discounted rates, we’re still saving an enormous £76 a night on the next best price. Over the course of 9 days, that’s a saving of £684 – simply because we booked during the Hilton Summer Sale.

This beachfront suite sleeps 2 adults and 2 children sharing a sofa-bed (under 12 years old), and we’ll all get breakfast included thanks to my Diamond status (Gold gets that too, of course).

Let’s be clear, the Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa is a fantastic property.

We stayed there for a long holiday in the summer of 2017 and could not wait to go back. £235 a night, for a beach view suite (including breakfast and double points!), is a superb deal.

Anything else?

In addition, Hilton is offering double Honors Points (and a bit more) on stays until 8 September this year, provided that you register here. While the double points don’t kick in till your second stay, this will actuaslly be my third Hilton stay so I will get full double points – another nice sweetener on a discounted luxury break.

Bear in mind that to benefit from the Hilton Summer Sale, you need to book by 9 August 2019, and stay by 6 January 2020.


  1. Voltron says

    Let us know how the hotel is, had the hotel in mind, but always preffered the Maldives/ Seychelles instead.

  2. John Peden says

    Miles, I’m looking for something exotic (I have a decent chunk of miles plus a BA241) for next year with my wife and baby (she’ll be 1 in Feb 2020). Would you recommend this place?

  3. Slaphead Brian says

    I absolutely LOVE articles like this Miles, thanks. Specific, practical examples that may not apply to everyone, but show travel-hacking in action. You are a solid-gold travel hacker. Well done and keep up the good work.

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