A Wacky Round the World Itinerary Using Miles

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Joe wrote two great posts this week, showing you how to travel around the world. Your first option is to do it in style using miles; the other option is to do it using mostly low cost carriers.

For fun (distance-based Avios having long since taken the joy out of dreaming up such things), I decided to figure out how to fly around the world by touching every continent (except Antarctica). But instead of flying in a logical direction, I would aim for the most illogical roundabout routes I could think of, BUT WHICH WOULD STILL BE ALLOWED in a single region-to-region itinerary.

Leg One – Europe to North America

Even though Avianca’s LifeMiles programme has any number of Star Alliance partners to choose from, the search engine nudges members in the direction of flights on Avianca itself. Perfect, just what we need for this wacky challenge. So, instead of flying from Madrid to Toronto direct on Air Canada, let’s route via Colombia and Central America for 40,000 miles in Economy or 80,000 miles in Business…

Leg Two – North America to Australia

Regular readers know that we love Alaska Mileage Plan here at InsideFlyer UK. But what if we used it for carbon emissions evil instead of good? How about flying from Honolulu to Perth via New York without stopping over anywhere? (complete with a rushed ground transfer from Newark to JFK airport) It will only cost you the standard 42,500 miles in Economy…

Leg Three – Australia to Middle East

I couldn’t think of a region-based frequent flyer programme that would allow me to price an indirect Australia to Middle East itinerary online. But I do know that American Airlines AAdvantage will allow me to fly from Australia to the Middle East via its Asia Region 2 zone. So, this means that I can fly on Cathay Pacific for another 42,500 miles in Economy…

Leg Four – Middle East to Europe

Although many of the loopholes have been closed, travel hackers LOVE Avianca LifeMiles. Occasionally the booking system will let you specify your preferred airline. Since we haven’t yet made it to Africa, perhaps we should make a quick pit stop in Ethiopia for 24,000 miles…


“It seemed like a good idea at the time” and “I had been drinking” are the two most likely explanations made by any frequent flyers trapped flying one of these award bookings. I hope you enjoyed our wacky, wonderful round the world adventure, complete with deep vein thrombosis.

Leave us a comment if you’re willing to admit to a similar, or even worse, award itinerary…


  1. Mike G says

    Fantastic! Love the west-coast-east-coast-australia-australia-australia leg! I might have to try that out one day.

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