1000 FREE Marriott Rewards Points in 30 Seconds!

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Yes it’s 6pm on Sunday, so Marriott Rewards is once again offering another FREE 1,000 Points in exchange for a few seconds on Twitter.

All you have to do is reply to this Marriott Rewards tweet with the correct answer (15 minutes!) and include #RewardsPoints in your tweet:

The offer is now live but expires overnight, so if you want the Points, go and claim them now!

This is just the latest installment of Marriott’s current social media blitz – and the Points really are beginning to stack up. For all the details, check out Craig’s post from last month.

Bottom line

1,000 free Marriott Rewards Points for 30 seconds ‘work’ is a great deal. Initially, I was a bit sceptical when Marriott said that members could earn up to 45,000 Points per year through social media interactions, but at this rate it looks like it could well happen.

How many free Marriott Rewards Points have you collected so far this year?


  1. Naomi Charlton says

    Ah I love these Marriott Twitter giveaways!! Thx for reminding us Joe….hope all well with you? xxxxx

    • Joe Deeney says

      Yes they’re good aren’t they! 🙂 Everything going great thanks Naomi – hope you’re well and enjoying collecting/travelling!!!

      • Naomi Charlton says

        Ah I’m really well thx Joe!! My travel hacking is going well, but I am kicking myself for not taking Craig’s tip about switching off Auto Convert from Tesco Clubcard to Virgjn Atlantic & therefore missing out on 20% bonus?! Never again will I ignore Inside Flyer!! xxxxx

  2. Jonathan says

    Thanks, Im now at 5k points , 5th week of 1000 points… I dont know if I missed before many weeks of 1000 points. but thanks

    • Naomi Charlton says

      Hi all, I did get the points straight away tonight but sometimes in the past it has taken a day or so? Mind you if they weren’t credited by then, I would definitely contact Customer Services? xxxxx

  3. Adam says

    Did everyone who tweeted the answer early on in the promo at 6pm or soon after receive their points?
    Mine didn’t, but it appears if you tweeted later on they did post..

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