2500 free IHG points with the “Where’s Iggy” Advent Calendar

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As well as the daily Inside Flyer Advent Calendar, which you all need to go and enter, IHG have also launched theirs, and it’s called “Where’s Iggy”. As well as maybe winning prizes, you can also earn yourself a guaranteed 2,500 free IHG points if you visit every day!

free ihg points

The Snowman-themed IHG Advent Calendar is available at adventcalendar.ihgrewardsclub.com. If you head there, then find Iggy the Snowman hiding in a different city-scape each day, you’ll be entered into a draw to win a prize. IHG Rewards Club members who supply their number will get another entry, as will sharing to Twitter or Facebook

However, less clear from the landing page, but much more important for us points-hunters, is clause 10.1 of the T&Cs:

If you are an IHG® Rewards Club member you shall receive a bonus five hundred (500) IHG® Rewards Club points for every five (5) consecutive days you enter into the Promotion.

As long as you remember to enter each day from today to Christmas, and enter your IHG membership number each day, you’ll earn 5 lots of 500 points, so 2,500 free IHG points!

That’s half a discounted points-break night, and more than enough to stop your points expiring. It may even be enough to push you over the line to your next status level before the end of the year.

free ihg points

So, get on over to adventcalendar.ihgrewardsclub.com ASAP, and find that snowman!

(Handy hint for those with small screens – make sure you use the arrow in the city picture to scroll down if you can’t see the snowman, the city picture is bigger than many screens, and for day 1 at least he’s nearer the bottom)


  1. Adam says

    Today I didn’t go through to the enter your acc number page, when I click to submit details it states already submitted today.
    Does their system after a few days via cookies remember your ihg acc number automatically?

    • William says

      Adam – for me it asked at teh end., offering an etra go for it, And then twitter/facebook. SEemed it was bit different :S

  2. Adam says

    It’s not prinducing the captcha images so won’t let me through to the page where you enter acc no?
    Using other browser for other acc so remembers that already submitted entry today.

  3. Rob Rixon says

    Not that embarrassing. I had the same issue! I had to resize the zoom on the page in order to see Iggy… Oh and be careful when entering your IHG number, because if, like me, you use the scroll wheel on the mouse and your cursor is in that field, then the number changes! Likewise when you are entering the number of points too, so use the scroll bars.

    • William says

      v true re the scroller – same for value – with my Apple magic mouse the top surface scrolls VERY easily!

    • William says

      beat me to it ! : D I had copied the text ready… lol

      40500 Points

      (It’s easy to get the wrong one too!)

    • Tom Sumner says

      Hi Peter. The daily prize is whatever the item is that you need to enter the number of points for. However, per the article, “If you are an IHG Rewards Club member you shall receive a bonus five hundred (500) IHG Rewards Club points for every five (5) consecutive days you enter into the Promotion.”

      So the prize is down to luck, but you can earn up to 2500 points, guaranteed, if you enter the prize draw daily.

      • William says

        Oh dear – so sorry for confusing everybody (and then i got it wrong!). in the chaos i didnt see it demanded white! Oh well> looks like i’ve lost out on my 5 day roll!!

        • Rob Rixon says

          It’s very unclear. And there is no mention of them having to be the white headphones. I’ve gone for 183500 as well, as ‘normally’ it’s the higher prize value.

  4. Andrew H says

    11500 Points

    I need to bookmark this InsideFlyer page, it’s getting increasingly harder to find!

  5. Andrew H says

    They make you look for this one, it’s only on the ninth page of search results!

    98500 Points
    DENBY 199040950 HALO 16 PCE DINNER SET

      • Andrew H says

        I looked at that closely. The 183k version has a slightly different handle to the one displayed in the picture on the competition page. The 168k version looks a closer fit.

        • Tom Sumner says

          Ha – I just had the same struggle right now. Based on a detailed “pixel analysis”, I’m in the 168k camp.

  6. Andrew H says

    This one didn’t come up in the search results using the words they told you to use so had to go looking.

    146000 points

    • Rob Rixon says

      If you change the view to 96 items instead of 12 then scroll, then it’s there using the SONY search. But yeah, bang on again with the points amount.

  7. Barry W says

    Just wanted to say thanks to Andrew for posting every day to save the rest of us the effort! Much appreciated!

    Merry Christmas all!

    • Andrew H says

      Not a sign. I’m not bothered about it, they’ll turn up eventually. One thing I’ve learnt from this hobby is not to fret when points don’t show up. They do 99% of the time*. Best thing to do is forget it. If you see loads of people say they’ve got the points, then go ahead and contact IHG.

      *Topcashback and Virgin FC being exceptions, where I have to chase most of the time.

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