Stack Deals For 21% Off Hotels Booked Through = GREAT DEAL! (Today only)

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TopCashback is offering an extremely generous 15.4% cashback off all hotels booked through today.


That’s a great cashback rate in itself of course, but you can actually save even more!

Tucked away at the bottom of the page on TopCashback is a discount code that takes 8% off the price of hotels before booking. The code is: AFFQ4PP8, and because it’s advertised on the TopCashback site, using the code won’t stop you getting your cashback.


To enter the code you need to click through to the payment page and then click on the little blue “Apply a deal or discount” writing on the right hand side.

As with most of these sorts of discount codes, it won’t (well, shouldn’t) work for hotels from the big chains, but pretty much anything else is fine.


As you can see, the discount is calculated from the pre-tax/fees price.

If the proportion of taxes/fees in the above example is broadly representative, then by my calculation the actual discount is more like 6.7% of the total price.

That also means that the 15.4% cashback is derived from 93.3% of the original price, so works out at 14.37% of the headline total.

The real discount you get by stacking the two deals is therefore roughly 21% in total.


The 15.4% cashback applies to any hotel booking, including big chains, but probably isn’t quite enough in itself to make booking with Venere more lucrative than booking directly and earning Points/Miles instead – you can check out the full list of chain hotel promotions here.

Being able to effectively get ~21% off the sort of hotels that don’t have loyalty programmes is an absolutely cracking deal though!

Remember that you can now get a 25% bonus when transferring Topcashback credit to Avios as well (although there are reasons why you might not want to).

Apologies for not getting this out sooner, but I think it should be good until 11am tomorrow (17th October 2016).

If you do not already have a TopCashback account, please consider signing up through my referral link as it doesn’t cost you anything and I get a small referral credit – thanks!


  1. Roger says

    It is good but looked at which has same base rate as after discount on hotel I wanted to select compared to this venere deal
    Ebookers currently has 15% plus 3% or so in Bonus+ rewards.
    SO it all works out well depending on which hotel has best base price.

    Trivago is the friend!

    • Joe Deeney says

      Great point Roger- always shop around! Is it just me or are the booking sites getting more generous at the moment? Eg. Expedia is at 13% on tcb too right now and a bunch of others aren’t far behind.

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