Free Flight To Iceland From Wowair – But (Unsurprisingly) There’s A Catch!

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Travel + Leisure recently highlighted an interesting promotion from Icelandic ultra-low cost carrier Wowair, where Brits can claim free flights to Iceland before 1st October – but there’s a pretty big catch!

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You need to plan to live there for at least a year, and need to submit proof of that intention by emailing a lease agreement, school acceptance letter, or an Icelandic social security number (along with your booking reference and a picture of your passport) to [email protected].

If you fancy a year in Iceland you will get a full refund for your departure flight once your application has been approved.

It’s obviously not going to be much use to many people, but I liked the innovative approach from Wowair.

wowair iceland

Iceland does look ridiculously beautiful, so on a more practical note it’s worth pointing out that Wowair have some great fares (starting at under £30.00 each way, and the USA/Canada for ~£100.00) anyway, so moving there just to save on the airfare might be a little extreme!

US blog OneMileAtATime also posted the other day that Wowair have doubled the free carry-on bag weight limit from a meagre 5kg to an acceptable 10kg, which takes the sting out of some of the extra fees.

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